About This Blog

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This is a blog documenting my time in grad school doing a PhD on human hair diversity (I was very straightforward in naming this blog).

But rather than just studying human hair diversity, my academic life revolves around three overlapping topics: humans, hair, diversity. Because to understand a particular topic, you have to break it down into its components and then study those components from as many aspects as possible.

Practically, what this means is that I won’t always strictly be talking about “human hair diversity”. Sometimes, I will be talking about hair in animals, sometimes I will be talking about human cultural and biological diversity in general, and, at other times, I might take you down a rabbit hole of very specific aspects of chemistry and biology.

Things directly related to my research will be posted in the category ‘Content’ and the category of ‘Collateral’ will contain stories about grad school, academia, being an international student and other random topics.

And as a final note, I include estimated reading times (based on 200 words per minute) and word count at the top of all posts and pages because I sure know I always appreciate knowing how long I’ll be procrastinating what I’m in for.